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At Kabouterland Educare, we follow the ELDA Educational Programme (Early Learning and Development Framework). 


This framework is made up of six principles relevant for children: 

  • Wellbeing

  • How to identify themselves 

  • Communication skills

  • Mathematics skills

  • Creativity skills

This framework is used as a guidance on our teaching and learning activities at Kabouterland Educare. All of the below pillars are used in the appropriate classes to develop your children’s skills and abilities! We want them to grow, develop, and learn in a way that helps them live their lives fully, and are able to go to “big school” equipped, and ready!

The below pillars gives more detail what the children are learning through all these stages:


  • Good health and hygiene.

  • Develops a sense of environmental health (safety and security).

  •  Shows interest in physical activities, through Gross Motor Development Skills for example running, walking, skipping; and Fine Motor Development Skills such as cutting.

  • Build a sense of resilience through being strong and confident.


  • The children become aware of themselves by being competent, confident learners.

  • The children build strong, loving and respectful friendships.


  • Develops communication skills.

  • Develops reading skills through visualising, hearing, feeling, tasting, and touching.

  • The children experience ideas through language, sounds, art, drama, play, and later, through writing skills.


  • Develops early mathematical skills.

  • Develops problem-solving skills.

  • The children are aware of, and reactive to, numbers and counting skills.


  • Develops creative and problem-solving skills.

  • Identifies challenges through playing and imagination. 

  • Creates solutions for challenges using music, dance, drama, and visual art activities.


  • Develops knowledge and understanding of their environment. 

  • Discovers and explores their environmental experiences.

  • Discovers and explores different designs and technology techniques.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

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