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At Kabouterland Educare, we believe in an open door policy, which is why we invite you to contact us about any concerns or questions you may have about your little ones. We have your child’s best interests at heart, and we prioritise their health, safety, and happiness daily.


Between the ages 4 and 5, your children are exploring and learning how they can express their emotions - which they may do by talking, gesturing, making noises, and playing. They like to be around people at this age, and may want to be like their friends at school, and they could have imaginary friends. To get along with others, your child may say sorry, agreeing to rules, and being happy when good things happen to others. Your child will likely be more helpful, and will be more in control over their behaviour, and have fewer tantrums. Your child might start to hide the truth or start lying. Playing will be how they learn and explore their feelings. They will enjoy playing by make-believing, singing, dancing, and acting, and are learning the difference between fantasy and reality. They will start to have a sense of humour and will enjoy jokes and funny stories. They will also become aware of their gender. They will now understand more about opposites, and will know the names of letters and numbers, and may be able to count to 10. Your child’s language will develop a lot at this age - they will enjoy telling stories and having conversations. They will tell you how they feel, talk about their ideas, ask questions, and say rhyming words. At this age they are dressing themselves, and going to the toilet independently. Your child will be able to perform tasks like brushing their teeth, and using cutlery, independently. Your child will be like an energiser bunny - they love to be moving and active! They will be developing skills like walking down steps with alternating feet, throwing, catching, kicking a ball, hopping, jumping, climbing, and balancing. They may also develop some new gross motor skills such as skipping, jumping backwards, or jumping while running. Their fine motor skills will be improving too - they will be able to cut with child-safe scissors, write their name, and some letters. All of the activities we do with the children are done to develop these skills in them. We want them to grow and be ready for “big school”!

The Daily Routine is as Follows: 

  • Arrival

  • Breakfast time 

  • Arrival

  • Bathroom Routine

  • Music and movement

  • Bible Story 

  • Theme discussion

  • Stimulation according to the Eldas Educational programme

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Lunch. Provided by school

  • Story time

  • Nap time (no nap time on Fridays)

  • Snack time provided by parents

​In this class, we continuously work on the children’s:

  • Fine Metrics

  • Gross Metrics

  • Cognitive and Auditory Perception

  • Language Development

  • Visual Perception

Reports are shared with parents at the end of each term to monitor your child’s progress. We encourage open communication for you to feel free to talk to your child’s teacher at any time. 

Kabouterland Educare uses the ​Eldas Educational programme, which clearly sets out all objectives for each developmental stage of your child.

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