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We would like to have your toddler's interests at heart and therefore kindly invite you to come and talk to the teacher or to our head mistress Erna in the office about any concerns and / or questions you may have about your little one. At Kabouterland Educare we believe in an open door policy.


  • Take messages from parents daily from the A5 booklet 

  • Breakfast

  • Diaper routine

  • Morning nap

  • Diaper routine

  • Stimulation according to Eldas program

  • Outdoor Games (Summer) & Mat Games (Winter)

  • Diaper routine

  • Language development (Rhymes, songs, verses, prayers

  • Lunch

  • Diaper routine

  • Afternoon nap

  • Diaper routine

  • Appropriate activities to reach age appropriate milestones

  • Diaper routine

In the class, there is continuous work on - Fine-Metrics, Gross-Metrics, Cognitive, Auditory Perception, Language Development and Visual Perception. Reports are shared at the end of each term so that you can see your child's progress. You as a parent can come and talk to your teacher at any time. Language and gross motor development are our focus for the year. For this purpose we therefore rely on the Eldas program which has clearly set out the objectives for each developmental phase of your child.

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