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At Kabouterland Educare, we believe in an open door policy, which is why we invite you to contact us about any concerns or questions you may have about your little ones. We have your toddler’s best interests at heart, and we prioritise their health, safety, and happiness daily.


By 2-years-old, children need to have certain gross and fine motor skills, communication and hearing skills, social and emotional skills, and problem-solving, learning, and understanding skills. Some examples of these skills are: jumping into a place, kicking and throwing a ball, matching objects to pictures, having an understanding of themselves, pretending while playing, being able to copy a line drawn, and more. All of the activities we get the children to do helps them develop these skills and reach the necessary milestones.

The Daily Routine is as follows:

  • Arrival

  • Take messages from parents daily from the A5 booklet 

  • Breakfast

  • Diaper routine

  • Morning nap

  • Diaper routine

  • Stimulation according to Eldas Educational program

  • Outdoor Games (Summer) & Mat Games (Winter

  • Diaper routine

  • Language development (Rhymes, songs, verses, prayers)

  • Lunch

  • Diaper routine

  • Afternoon nap

  • Diaper routine

  • Appropriate activities to reach age appropriate milestones

  • Diaper routine


In this class, we continuously work on the children’s:

  • Fine Metrics

  • Gross Metrics

  • Cognitive and Auditory Perception

  • Language Development

  • Visual Perception

Reports are shared with parents at the end of each term to monitor your toddler’s progress. We encourage open communication for you to feel free to talk to your child’s teacher at any time. 
Kabouterland Educare uses the ​Eldas Educational programme, which clearly sets out all objectives for each developmental stage of your toddler. 

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