Kabouterland strives to be a place where children’s live can be changed so that it will have an impact on their families.
A place where children develop complete with absolute fun and enjoyment.
Through play they will learn!
A place where parents can drop off their children with peace of mind knowing that their most precious possession will be lovingly cared for.
A place where God’s presence will be felt through the actions of Staff and Management.

A happy child has a happy parent!

Kabouterland Preschool has been around for 45 years!
The first children joined the Preschool in March 1976.
In 45 years, Dorinda Short is the 4th owner of the Preschool.
We believe our Preschool is a valuable asset to the community of Centurion.
We strive to always stay in the forefront and we adapt as the world around us changes.
We stay ahead with our programs and always think out of the box with our activities.

COVID 19 Rules and Regulations:

EVERYTHING gets sanitized throughout the day with child-friendly ADI sanitizer.

Temperatures are taken 3 times per day, social distancing are adhere to at all times, toys are sanitized every day with ADI.
No towels are used and personel wear their masks throughout the day.

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